Secure new business and maximize revenue and profitability within required timeframes through comprehensive market analysis, negotiation, and strong customer relationships. Act as the “voice” of the customer within Plastic Omnium and drive customer satisfaction. Includes all jobs related to commercial development, involving market analysis, price setting, tender responses, sales negotiations, and customer interface throughout the business relationship.

Entry-level position

Sales Specialist / Engineer
The Sales Specialist is responsible for business development for a geographic area or a customer. He/she prepares tender responses and handles commercial negotiation. The Sales Specialist is also responsible for customer relationships throughout a project and works with other departments to ensure customer satisfaction, as well as recovery of customers, including studies, logistics, and costs.

Senior position

Sales Manager
The Sales Manager is responsible for business development of high-level offers (e.g., global, innovative) and new customers. He/she identifies and develops strategic contacts with customers and with professional networks. The Sales Manager works closely with relevant internal departments to secure the development of new business, and may also supervise or lead a sales team.