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Innovation Awards

Plastic Omnium recognizes innovative projects from teams


Plastic Omnium’s founder Pierre Burelle was a true visionary with his sights set firmly on the future. As a result, innovation and technological expertise have been at the heart of the company’s activities from the very beginning.

Company policy specifically encourages the pursuit of new ideas, as illustrated by the in-house challenge “Innovation Awards”. These awards are the opportunity to give pride of place to all employees who make a day-to-day contribution to the performance and competitiveness of Plastic Omnium


First Innovation Awards ceremony – June 6th 2019

Ten projects were rewarded in three categories: Operational Excellence, Products and Open Innovation. They were the winners from the 168 candidacies submitted by over 600 group employees at 52 sites in 18 countries.

They all illustrate the importance of digital technologies working for operational efficiency and products with higher added-value. The very many projects involving rechargeable hybrid vehicles confirm Plastic Omnium’s commitment along the road to clean mobility.