Includes all activities that enable the production and delivery of products (including building, capital expenditure and specific means).
Define and implement a robust manufacturing process (including people, machines, methods and materials) to meet quality, cost, and timing goals in accordance with company and customer requirements. Contribute to manufacturing excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Entry-level position

Industrial Engineer
The Industrial Engineer is responsible for leading a new industrial project from the time it’s awarded until six months after SOP (start of Production).
Duties include determining equipment specifications to be sent to suppliers based on customer requirements and project targets (time, cost, delivery, quality); ensuring proper setup of equipment in the plant utilizing FMEA and OHSAS conventions; writing best practices and standards (and possibly training modules) based on lessons learned; participating in troubleshooting/recovery activities, if required.

Senior position

Industrial Manager
The Industrial Manager is tasked with improving the efficiency and robustness of the production process and ensuring the continuing evolution of methodologies, standards, technologies, organization, etc. He/she deploys best practices at the division level with regard to his/her area and participates in networking activities. The Industrial Manager is also responsible for managing the department budget and the industrial team, in accordance with department and project requirements. Management of project or team.