Includes all activities related to budget, operation margin, profit and loss, and financial performance. Provide to all internal and external actor accurate information as required to support good decision-making. Optimize Plastic Omnium finances to maintain a
competitive advantage. Ensure application of proper procedures, standards, and best practices.

Entry-level position

The Controller is responsible for preparing financial information for board and management meetings and supports projects during plant/project recovery by making financial analyses and offering proposals. When a problem arises, the Controller analyzes cost structures, suggests solutions, and coordinates action plans. He/she also follows up on cash forecasts.

Senior position

Finance Controller
The Finance Controller participates in all financial activities for acquisition/partnership that fall within his/her scope, helps formulate the strategic plan and budget, and consolidates and analyzes profit and loss. The Finance Controller also works with other departments to improve products and services, and manages team organization, objectives, and personnel in accordance with department and project requirements.