Engineering R&D

Includes all missions related to product development as customer focused delivery of innovative and competitive product design and development ensuring that systems are robust, safe and meet technical, quality, cost and timing requirements.

Entry-level position

Design & Development Engineer
The Design & Development Engineer is responsible for the design of new products and technologies, including components, modules, systems, processes, and materials. Duties include verifying that new products and technologies meet safety standards and comply with relevant norms and regulations. The D & D Engineer is also responsible for liaising with customers and/or suppliers, and, when necessary, proposing innovative solutions to meet cost targets or other requirements of customers.

Senior position

Engineering Manager
The Engineering Manager is responsible for leading an engineering department and/or project in terms of resources, budget and operations. He or she is expected to deploy relevant expertise to ensure the standardization of methods and means and provide innovative technical solutions in order to meet future customer needs. The Engineering Manager also interfaces with other departments to improve products and service