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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems


During the development phase of the product:

  • Ensures that customer & PO quality objectives / requirements and procedures are identified and supports the project team and plant launch team to ensure they are applied.
  • Defines and deploys plant quality procedures to meet customer specific  requirements and PO standards


During the serial life of the product:

  • Defines and implements the Quality policy for the site, according to the customers’ requirements and PO policy and direction.
  • Utilizes audits, assessments and problem solving approaches to drive continuous improvement.
  • Manage supplier risk with respect to quality.
  • Manage customer relationship.
  • Manage and leads the local Quality team.
  • May have responsibility for EH&S policy and organization.


  • As process owner, is accountable for the IMS process management (process review, KPIs management, procedure periodic review and update, corrective and preventive actions implementation as needed and resources provision for process realization) taking into consideration relevant requirements and its evolution


  • Customer ppm, Supplier ppm, Supplier NCN and closing time, SILS ppm, CNQ%, IATF16949 adherence, Green (non-event) launches, Budgeted hours adherence, Warranty indicator. Specific customer Quality metrics, e.g. car audit, CPPM, IPB




0.0 Planning and budgeting

  • Develop budgets and progress plans based on performance, management reviews and business objectives
  • Organizational alignment to business objectives.
  • Contributes to plant progress plan definition (content and deployment).
  • Conducts annual Plant Management review and process reviews with Plant management team.


1.0 During the development phase of the product

  • Supports Program Managers to define quality objectives and quality commitment, in compliance with customer requirements, including DVP plan, at the start of projects.
  • Supports the EPM to define Significant Characteristics related to the process and product.
  • Participates in product / process FMEA methodology on workshops led by PQL or CQM, being the customers’ voice; providing input to jigs and fixture design, and poka yokes definition in assembly and packaging and handling concepts.
  • Upon the request of the project core team, can support customer quality meetings. Participates in defining the prototype, pre-series and production control plans through the plant quality engineers.
  • Checks that the measurement plan is in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Supports the program managers to validate the input of the project team and submission of the ‘customer product / process approval’ file.
  •  Supports the MPM in the preparation for the customer run at rate.
  • Validates cosmetic aspect for prototype and pre-series parts and supports the definition of limit samples together with the project team – this also covers supplier pass through product.
  • Supports Project team to set up Quality Fire wall for new project, Manages Quality fire wall for pre-series


2.0 During the serial life of the product

  • Ensures the maintenance and adherence to the IMS.
  • Ensures customer specific quality requirements are adhered to in each production area.
  • Has the authority to stop production if faulty products are likely to be delivered to the customers, and responsibility to obtain deviations from PO and Customer in the event of borderline quality. Where necessary defines a Problem Alert for critical internal and external issues.
  • Manages the customer relationship through the definition of annual objectives, reporting and quick response resolution of issues. This applies to Serial and Field Issues.
  •  Applies and coaches the use of 8D and QRCM in production. Maintains the Quality Fast Response    Board and process FMEAs. Ensure communication of lessons learnt through DFQ (Design for Quality) to the central organization.
  • Manages the supplier quality through the plant SQE using escalation process level 0 when necessary, and through the PO organization in a timely manner where needed.
  • Applies the PO tools and methodologies to ensure quality levels are achieved.
  • Applies Optichange to manage and record changes in production.


3.0 Continuous improvement

  • Champions the product, process, system and layered process audits.
  • Helps the production managers to drive quality improvements through excellent problem solving. Fosters a continuous improvement attitude throughout the plant by championing the Quality Improvement Roadmap.
  • Supports and champions continuous improvement using Project A3 and DMAIC projects with Six Sigma PM support.
  • Provides monthly and weekly reports.
  • Support LL and DFQ process



4.0 People management

  • Conduct personnel appraisals, policy deployment through target setting and review
  • Departmental meetings
  • Contributes to selection / training / coaching of Plant Quality functions
  • Ensure that the Training path as part of AE University for all functions in the quality department is progressed.
  • Maintain the Quality Mindset.
  • Ensure that all Quality teams in the plant have the right skills and follow all necessary trainings to be effective in their jobs.
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