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Industrial Engineer W-M

CONTRACT TYPELong Term-At will
DIVISION Clean Energy Systems


In one or two sentences, outline the primary purpose(s) of this position within the organization


  • Defined in closed collaboration with our plant the manufacturing process
  • Responsible of capex and industrial development cost
  • Responsible of the Industrial project timing
  • Ensures compliancy with safety and quality requirements


Primary Responsibilities

Outline the key areas of responsibility for this position, including all related activities under each area


  • Dev activities

Following INPRO, is the voice of the Industrial team for a new program from phase 2 to 6

As a team member, secure prg objectives (Q, C, T)


  • Phase 2 :
    • Ensure DFM/A in closed collaboration with product and quality department
    • Building the process flow chart for Composite pressure vessel production, taking into account cost/productivity/Quality and Standardization needs.
    • Defining and arguing the right automation level for the production line, and associated Return of Investment.
  • Phase 3 :
    • Ensure PFMEA in closed collaboration with Quality department
    • Propose and Ensure industrial scenario is validated by Industrial organization and plant
    • Building the industrial lay-out allowing to deliver the product defined as per the business plan.
    • Building the specifications of the machines. Identifying all potential suppliers, building with purchasing department the “industrial” supplier panel, and defining the best selection per process.
  • Phase 4
    • Machine development in order to respect budget, cost objective, safety , ergonomic
    • Organizing the qualification of all processes & equipment for future implementation.
    • Supervising the installation of the production lines, piloting the commissioning and organizing the qualification of all processes and employee’s trainings.
  • Phase 5
    • Ensure internal Run@rate
    • Ensure SOP
  • Phase 6
    • Follow the ramp up cost and ensure that action plan are properly recovered
    • Managing lessons learned and know how capitalization and sharing on industrial topic.


  • Continuous improvement
  • Drive continuous improvement, technical modifications, and  propose cost savings
  • Proposing “Industrial” research studies supporting CAPEX strategy in a long-term perspective.

( for example wet winding versus tow preg)



  • Extended team
  • Pilote of the extended team in order to reach project target (Q,C,T)


  • Reporting
  • Responsible of the monthly reporting regarding his/her project





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