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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems

Specific Job Duties:


  • Establish process and maintenance activities consistent with departmental expectations and goals.
  • Direct all changes and modifications to the paint control plan and process FMEA resulting from continuous improvement activities as well as internal or external customer requirements in accordance with ISO-TS16949 protocol.
  • Support all paint line installation activities to meet all time line and launch timing.
  • Maintain Control Plans, developed work Instructions to the ISO-TS16949 standard.
  • Establish the process validation criteria.
  • Establish hiring and training requirements for Paint Engineers, and Paint Techs.
  • Identify the performance criteria for each Paint Technician.
  • Establish, coordinate and evaluate the necessary training and “hands-on” troubleshooting requirements of the robot technicians including all electrical, mechanical and pneumatic functions of the Durr’s, control cabinets, spray guns and PLC interconnections.
  • Assist in the Development of  the CMMS system to ensure the continued optimum performance of all robots and paint application equipment.
  • Initiate, manage and verify the installation of application improvements through Paint technicians, equipment suppliers and subcontractors. Train all in house personnel as required.
  • Lead the activities of the Paint Engineers in their responsibilities to:
  1. Implement and verify solutions utilizing error-proofing techniques to prevent the occurrence of any product and process non-conformities.
  2. Develop and enhance of robotic path motions and operating parameters for the introduction of new products and the continuous improvement of existing programs to optimize transfer efficiency, capacity utilization, first time capability and customer quality standards.
  3. Develop procedures and programs to ensure the function, accuracy and repeatability of the painting process.
  4. Coordinate, manage and verify the installation of process projects and improvements through equipment suppliers and subcontractors. Train all in house personnel as required.
  5. Prepare management reports detailing process operating parameters, paint usage and equipment capability utilizing SPC and trend analyses.
  6. Monitor and control of all process parameter of the paint line, report and recommend any deviations that are not with the control plans limits.
  7. Root cause and track all paint defects and lead action to resolve
  8. Monitor, control and track system balance and controls
  9. Lead the activities of defect reduction
  • Lead the activities of the Paint Techs in their responsibilities to:
  1. Operate the robots as required to efficiently complete the requirements of daily production.
  2. Perform all maintenance required to ensure the continued optimum performance of all robots and process equipment.
  3. Establish and maintain the CMMS program and spare parts crib.
  4. Monitor robot and applicators for optimum performance.
  5. Review booth condition and status for production readiness providing feedback to the facility cleaning group via designated channels.
  6. Inspect part quality to customer expectations and identify wet paint issues. Report any non-conformances immediately to the robot technicians.
  7. Record downtime data and process related issues. Report to the process engineers, robot technicians and maintenance technicians of all out of tolerance conditions.
  8. Assist in the calibration and preventive maintenance procedures on all booth related equipment.
  • Lead the Activities of the Paint Mixer in their responsibilities to:
  1. Ensure all paints are properly mixed/reduced with proper additives in adherence to the control plan.
  2. Ensure Batch FIFO of all paint kitchen material are followed
  3. Ensure that all kitchen parameters are with the control plan limits
  4. All incoming materials are with adherence of the COA’s and all new material has been approved by the Environmental Engineer.
  • Evaluate the performance of the awarded coatings and effectiveness of Paint Supplier control plans and process FMEA’s. Initiate corrective action and supplier development to prevent the occurrence of any non-conformities relating to the product, process and/or quality system.
  • Assist the Paint Manager in the review of new coatings and application equipment technology for cost competitive potential within the paint system.
  • Participate in the advanced product quality planning activities for the development of the control plan for all parts manufactured by the paint department.
  • Record and track data for paint cost per square foot by robot program.
  • Lead and participate in team activities to continuously improve paint performance goals to achieve outstanding performance levels for:
  1. Paint line downtime.
  2. First time capability.
  3. Scrap rate.
  4. Paint cost per square foot.
  5. Overhead costs.
  6. Capacity utilization.
  • Ensure that all accidents are properly reported and accident investigations are completed within 24 hours.
  • Perform other duties as directed by Paint Area Manager.


Specific Tasks



Skills and Experience Required:


  • Three years supervisory experience, preferably in an injection molding and painting facility.
  • Basic knowledge of management information systems, use of personal computers, spreadsheet and word processing applications.




  • Bachelor’s Degree in either Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.  Twelve years work related experience may be substituted in lieu of degree.  Work experience combined with current schooling towards degree will be considered.
  • Robot programming and maintenance training.
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