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Robot Programmer

COUNTRYUnited States
CONTRACT TYPELong Term-At will
DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems



  • Defines and create paths programming on CAD or directly on robots in accordance with application rules for development (for new parts)
  • Sets the paint application  parameters in accordance with customers’ specifications
  • Ensures the necessary commissioning with the plant and equipment supplier (for new paint line start up) to reach expected quality and performance levels
  • Supports plants in optimization/performance improvement projects, path programming transfer and quality of application optimization
  • Micro project planning (done vs planned), part development tracker (technical performance-layer thickness, color matching, gloss, cycle time, paint consumption…)




  • Respects and follow safety rules (plants, business trip, personal protective equipment)
  • Ensures the set-up of robots and paint application equipment in the paint shop, for all possible paint applications, in accordance with standards and best practices, and implemented capitalized actions from previous projects
  • Works with plant staff and Paint Process Engineers to achieve quality requirements (color matching, levelling, adhesion)
  • Creates and improves paint application parameters (paint consumption, cycle time)
  • Puts in place sustainable solutions for paint application in cooperation with plant technical team and with the project’s paint engineers
  • Makes proposals of continuous improvements during development and eventually during serial production, according to projects or plant requirements
  • Ensures support for control plans updates, process stability follow-up with plant technical team
  • Under the control of the paint process engineer, decides if results are in line or not with specifications, in case of disagreement proposes a road map to reach performance specifications
  • Based on results and analyses of main defects, looks for root causes of defects and build a plan for continuous improvement of paint application
  • Ensures preparation and implementation of action plans as part of continuous improvement
  • Together with quality department and Paint Process Engineer, ensure  paint programming matches quality level requested by the customer 
  • Follows up the planning on each project 
  • Creates digitalization of new robot cell for CAD path programming definition.
  • Ensures the commissioning for the robotics part  for new paint line


Customer Project Development

  • Uses and follows development rules
  • Answers project requests and report progress to Paint Process Engineer   
  • Assists the Manufacturing Project Manager and the Paint process Engineer for paint validation
  • Validates paint range / process / customer specifications (mechanic & aspect )


Productivity – Optimization (paint) 

  • Manages / coordinates or take part in productivity workshops on plant request
  • Participates in specific assessments when required (e.g. paint assessment) or on problem solving workshops
  • Proposes solutions to the work group and/or validate proposed solutions (adjustments, products / process modifications) 



  • Designs training course (e.g. robot studio, robot guide, robot for paint handling…)

Trains the new Paint setting engineers and plant robots technicians.

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