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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems


* Works according to HSE requirements (LOTO, cleaning…) and promote safety mindset on day to day


* Ensures safety and security conditions are kept in order within the paint line, alert management in case

of any non-conformity or deviance.

Processes: * Controls and optimizes process parameters. * Implements paint standards and exchanges within painting networks best practices. * Stabilizes and optimizes painting area performance (paint consumption, scraps reduction). * Tests and validates technical solutions (OPTIPRO projects, changes in the plant, equipment supplier). * Analyses process failures. * Supports new projects launches in line with OPTIMAP requirements. * Participates in continuous improvement activities and productivity covering all process areas- cycle times, scrap, downtime, machine /tools and energy. * Participates in paint assessment. * Develops the paint processes and systems ensuring a framework that will achieve world class standards of quality and service to the Customer and to achieve environmental compliance. * Owns the paint process FMEA and make sure that standardised work practices are being used. Team development: * Establishes effective communication channels with the team and its people so as to realise their knowledge and full potential and to make sure that they are working to the same common business goals. * Participates in paint technicians’ recruitment to assess technical abilities. * May train and coach paint technicians and operators. Quality/CIP: * Continually develops/drives the paint Tech team to deliver best in class processes and standards. * Own the technical integrity of Paint database and supports introduction plans into plant painting area. * Ensures quality standards are maintained by the paint Tech team. * Designs and justifies new improvements and equipment to reduce downtime and increase productivity. * Works with other departments to support and solves joint problems - injection, assembly. Others: * May program robots or lead paint robots programmers. * Actively represents the plant in paint networks.

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