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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems
  • For the new products in the plant, participates with the Program SE in the supplier process qualification, participates in the run @ rates, in the definition of the incoming instructions for the related suppliers, the definition of the packaging, and in the acceptation of Initial samples.
  • Reviews the PPAP files from the program teams before SOP.
  • Maintains approved initial reference samples and Boundary or limit samples in archive.
  • When a change is done in Serial Life, manages and approves the PPAP using PPAP on line.


2.0 Serial Supply

  • Performs or organizes the incoming inspection on supplied parts, including the creation of incoming inspection instructions.
  • Identifies segregates and quarantines NC (non conformities) goods.
  • Updates and re-validates the incoming inspections instructions depending on supplier quality performance.
  • Using SAP QM and supplier portal, manages NCN (non conformities) with suppliers: creation of the NCN with a good problem description, control and approval of the supplier’s 8D.
  • Signs the deviations (derogations) for external suppliers with engineering approval.
  • Informs immediately plant management when supplier ships defective parts.
  • Manages the supplier noncompliance through installing 100% inspections.
  • Manages the Supplier’s NCN and takes all necessary actions to ensure they are closed in the targeted timing: validates the containment actions and the supplier root cause analysis, follows up and assesses corrective actions and progress plan, cost recovery.
  • For each NCN the Plant SQE calculates the associated costs, according to PO rules. He negotiates the cost recovery with Supplier, and when needed asks support to Central Buyers and/or SDL. Together with Plant controlling controls that a credit note was sent by Supplier or a debit note issued by PO.
  • Where necessary, manages Escalation process level 0 with suppliers.
  • Maintains SCOOP QM module for supplier claim management.


3.0 Measurement and Improvement

  • Updates the indicators to measure the supplier performance – ppm, cost recovery, demerit rating, number of NCN, number of NCN@100 points, NCN closing time.
  • Train the operators in incoming goods defaults identification.
  • Leads or participates in plant progress working groups.
  • Takes part in supplier selection audits and escalation meetings level 1-2-3, organized through the regional SDLs as required,
  • Perform supplier’s re-qualification audits – support supplier audits under the direction of the SDL and ensure requalification process towards supplier according to PO rules and/or Customer Specific Requirements.
  • Manages actions of development and continuous improvement with suppliers, following the Key Supplier management process.
  • Participates in networks meetings organized by regional SDL.


4.0 Requalification of high risk parts

  • Where required according to OEM and AE requirements, organizes and evaluates requalification approvals and maintains records.


5.0  People Management

  • Manage the day to day activities of the incoming inspection.
  • Ensure that incoming inspectors are trained according to the training path as part of AE University.
  • Strives to keep good relationships with suppliers

Maintain the Quality Mindset.

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