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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems Division


Provide the appropriate level of supplier quality to the main processes in proto and serial supply phases.


Main activities:

·       Cooperation with the CES SQE Department in implementation of projects quality planning or supervises supplier quality assurance.

·       Planning and supervision of the implementation characteristics of the periodic inspection of materials and components

·       Prevent defects of the product by monitoring and overseeing the control operations in phase of the admission according to the control plans;

·       Planning and conducting audits of suppliers in the schedule of CES suppliers audits;

·       Supervising / monitoring the implementation of the proto parts supplies;

·       Supervise documentation of the approval process for the production parts with regard to main suppliers of the Company;

·       Knowledge of customer requirements for quality with particular emphasis on the quality of materials and components (supply), monitoring compliance with these requirements in the planning and development of the manufacturing process;

·       Developing and overseeing news management system documentation in its area of ​​operations

·       Developing and overseeing of update the supply control documentation

·       Training of personnel in the supply control documentation;

·       Representing the Plastic Omnium requirements in terms of quality, environmental protection and safety to the Company's suppliers to the major processes;

·       Monitoring internal complaint (to suppliers) in accordance with the requirements of CES - preparing reports complaints to suppliers, replenishment of the Global database vendors claim to communicate with the claims provider and supervising the process of solving problems;

·       Calculate the cost of claims and monitoring of internal communications provider in this field;

·       Supervision of warehouse MAN;

·       Reporting of suppliers quality to CES;

·       Preparation of monthly statements regarding the quality of suppliers and visual indicators and suppliers quality problems in the Company;

·       Annual reports regarding the review of quality management providers;



·       Engineer graduate with experience on same position

·       Nice to have experience in automotive

·       Knowledge of quality benchmarks (FIEV, VDA 6.3, ISO TS)

·       Master quality tools: Process FMEA, 8D, process audits

·       Fluent in English (spoken, read and written) 


Location: Lublin, Poland

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