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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems

Project description
In recent years the application of the mechatronic systems in the field of automotive industry cannot be neglected. Sensors and actuators are the main hardware components of any mechatronic system their main function is to convert energy from one form to another. The design of these hardware components is often very complex due to their multidisciplinary nature. In addition, operation in the harsh automotive environment as well as long life expectancy while limiting the overall cost makes the design even more complicated and prone to various failures.
Understanding the failure mechanisms and root causes of the failures on the component level will result in obtaining knowledge on the design features that resulted in those failures. Therefore, next generation of the component can be designed in a way to avoid similar failures.

Responsibilities of the Internship Trainee
The internship student will be guided and trained by the responsible Component Design Engineer in order to perform the following tasks:
 Collecting the test and field failure data and classifying them.
 Studying the failure mechanisms and making correlation between the test processes, required specification of the failed components.
 Identifying the root causes of the failures and correlating them to the design features.
 Prepare a guideline for the studied components focusing on the design features that prevents future failures.
 Preparing a final report and a list of recommended actions to avoid similar failures in the future.


Location and the Duration of the Internship
The internship will be done in the Plastic Omnium Clean Energy Systems Division which is located in Brussel. Minimum duration is 6 weeks and can extend to 6 months and more.

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