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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems
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MISSION< < < < <


Plan, direct, coordinate and support changes of processes to improve productivity and continuous improvement activities.<

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Primary Responsibilities< < < < <

Daily< <

  • Coordinate changes of process on blow molding, finishing centers and assembly lines<
  • Prepare changes in product (new versions, new products)<
  • Coordinate layout, timing, and training of main operators for new existing production lines<
  • Prepare, supervise and follow trial production and new projects<
  • Design and fabrication of new tools and fixtures<
  • Ensure necessary modification of process in minimum time<
  • Maintain up to date Work Instructions<
  • Manage and direct Maintenance Technicians (Level I & II) activities and work performance<
  • Improve productivity on shop floor< <


    Lockout / Tagout< <

  • Perform risk analysis before LOTO and work performed inside machines<
  • Train and coach other technicians on LOTO and safe work practices<
  • Responsible to advise when standard work instructions are not covering a necessary specific activity<
  • Responsible to check the correct application of LOTO, in line with procedures<
  • Seek guidance from the LOTO steering Committee for any concerns regarding LOTO< <


    Other Requirements< <

  • Authority and responsibility to stop production when a quality or safety issue arises<
  • Must comply with all work rules, policies and procedures<
  • Work requires walking, talking, seeing, hearing, sitting, climbing, bending, stooping, grasping, crouching, pushing, balancing, reaching, kneeling, and standing<
  • Must be able to lift up to 50lbs on a regular basis<
  • Work requires working under high and low temperatures at certain times< <

    Ready to perform in a fast paced, results oriented environment with tight time constraints.<

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    Personal Background

    • Bachelor Degree Required
    • 2 years of Supervisory Experience
    • Must be legally able to work in the U.S. no w and in the future without any type of visa sponsorship


    Job Technical skills

      Proficient in Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)<
    • Has a technical knowledge on: electricity, hydraulics and pneumatics, PLC logic, with the ability to recognize and manage hazardous energy sources machine by machine<
    • Experienced on BMM, Finishing Centers, and Utilities<
    • Full understanding of the LOTO: concepts, application, method, devices and the instructions used to lockout/tagout machinery<
    • Understand the choice of appropriate level of LOTO (when we have to apply complete LOTO, or partial LOTO or “door locked” only)< <


      Job Soft Skills< <

    • Verbal and Written Communication<
    • Flexible<
    • Dependable<
    • Teamwork<
    • Leadership<
    • Problem Solving<
    • Critical Thinking<
    • Adaptability<
    • Time Management< <


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