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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems


* Manages the manufacturing engineering scope in a project

* Provides smart, simples, creative and robust solutions in order to make the project profitable

* Ensures cross functional management of the extended team

* Ensures lessons learned.



Project Management: 

* Defines initial Statement of Work of manufacturing perimeter including extended team, regarding

project perimeter, development budget (hours, hourly rate, travel cost) and Optimap Work Packages,

* Defines and sets up the project planning,

* Manages the manufacturing project reviews, consolidates actions and provides reporting and action


* Participates to design reviews and QUAD reviews.

* Assures that the Launch Readiness (led by the Launch Manager) are well organized



* Works regarding to HSE requirements

* Can be involved in upstream phases of the project (expertise phase, acquisition phase),

* Depending on project size, will either take in account activities of the extended team,

* According to the project deliverable steps, defines global industrial scenario. This takes in account

production process (paint, assembly) and supply chain (packaging, physical & information flows),

* Is accountable for the use of Plastic Omnium Manufacturing standards in a lean manufacturing way, 

* Gives design for manufacturing requirements to product design and ensures the integration,

* Makes sure with the plant that its capacity is in line with project volumes, 

* Is responsible for industrialization phase in production plant and SILs. For that purpose he/she takes

the lead on the different manufacturing means after the transfer in plant done by the different metier

technicians (PPx),

* Manages project Manufacturing economical perimeter (cycle time, number of operators, investments,

and supply chain costs (transport, SILS)…). Tracks perimeter changes due to customer and reports to

the PM,

* Makes sure the ind. Perf. are the best in class (non added value activities are eliminated).


Budget management: 

 * Determines the project provisional budget (hours and cost)

* Allocates the budget to his extended team & guarantees resource availability with the manager

* Determines internal and external perimeter regarding SOW,

* Tracks perimeter changes due to customer or internal ones and reports to the PM. Proposes adjustments and modifications linked to perimeter evolution during project life time,

* Insures the follow up of project budget and releases warnings to PM and métiers managers in case of gaps. 

* Contributes to investment optimization Continuous Improvements: 

* Participates to continuous improvements for job, organizations and methodology,

* Participates to capitalization and to productivity actions,

* Participates to definition and realization of progress plan,

* At the end of the project, participates to the closure of project and gives feedback regarding best practices and difficulties,

* Depending on the project size, he can also handle himself some activities of the extended team

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