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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems

that safety policies are understood and respected within his area of responsibilities

Exploratory consultation phase (AVP)

Define the optimum supply-chain organization, human resources, means, necessary in order to

guarantee Safety, Customer Service and Quality while Costs and Inventories are kept minimum

Calculate the supply-chain & Packaging budget of the project (cost per part, investments, …)

Make sure that the quotation is based on the use of standard equipments and processes

Identify and escalate any industrial risks

Project development phase

Apply POMS and Supply-Chain standards

Define and develops the supply-chain scheme from suppliers to customers : physicals flows, information

flows, outbound, inbound, internal plant, always being in contact with Manufacturing project managers

and plants

Define optimum stock levels at each step of the process, with a focus on Lead Time optimization

Develop the functional specifications for semi-finished packaging means and final packaging from the

customer specification, the industrial organization and the production units’ constraints, in cooperation

with assembly engineers, manufacturing project managers and plant engineers.

Ensure fine tuning and reception of packaging means, their availability for the trials at each step of the

project development, until eventually customers approval and until objectives are met

Take part to the functional definition of the related information systems, in relation with the SCOOP BO

Design the layout of inbound, internal and outbound flows / Dimension the storage areas

Analyse the impacts of perimeter evolutions on the organization, resources and Supply Chain’s costs.

Participate to the suppliers selection process with Purchasing (Transport, SILS, Platforms, Packaging,

Dynamic storage), Provide a technical validation of the selected solutions

Document and implement supply-chain processes and policies

Manage logistics FMEA and audits, if any needed

Provide support to the plant during the start of production and ramp-up phases

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