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A family owned company

Independence is our priority

Created in 1947, Plastic Omnium is a listed French company majority-owned by the founding family. In its 70-year history, the company has had only three chairmen, which gives a continuous vision and stability to the company.

For Plastic Omnium, to be a family-owned company means the freedom to grow at its own pace and to base its strategic decisions on what’s best for all of its stakeholders : shareholders, customers, suppliers, institutions, and employees.

The company’s shareholders aim to project the company’s success story long into the future, and continues to grow with a strong vision, building long-term relationships in a healthy business environment.

As a Plastic Omnium employee, you will never feel as though you’re simply a cog in the machine or that your identity is based exclusively on the job you perform.
We value our employees as people and their well-being is one of our top concerns.