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DIVISIÓN Intelligent Exterior Systems

1.0 Quality Problem Solving

* Ensures that for every quality incident, the right quality tools are applied by the production personnel

(through training, coaching, leading). Root cause analysis, action planning, application of containment

measures, e.g. quality wall or controlled shipping

* Is responsible to define and release rework instructions and their application.

* Where necessary defines a Problem Alert for critical internal and external issues.

* Participates in regular part rejections analysis with the customer for 0km and Warranty.

* According to the customer requirements or depending on the quality results, sets-up a quality wall,

manages (organizes and trains) the quality wall quality inspectors (also third party)

* Visits the Customer regularly to establish a long term relationship.

*  Applies and coaches the use of 8D and QRCM in production. Maintains the Customer Quality Fast

Response Board and process FMEAs.


2.0 New Product Launch

* Participates with PQL in the development of PFMEA and the control plan

* Supports the definition of  limit samples together with the project team for new products 

* Participates with the project team in the poka-yoke definition for the new products,

* Sets-up limit samples and Problem Alerts and organizes training with the production area leaders. Trains

the operators together with production area leader.

* Contributes to, or, leads the initial sample PPAP submission and Customer run at rate together with the

Plant Quality manager.

* Participates and supports MPM during run@rate and during all manufacturing readiness operations

* Develops together with the manufacturing engineering, CI and HSE, the Standard Work (SPS, SWI) for all

production processes.

3.0 Process Control (Control Plan Adherence)

* Check/ Audit that every poka yoke in place is tested by the production team at the start of every shift

* Check/ Audit that the controls are rigorously respected and escalate in event of non-compliance * Updates and follows up the quality production indicators. * Participates in the daily area production scrap reviews. * Update, file and archive all documents related to his/her activity * Takes part through the quality technicians in regular (layered) process audits and 5s audits 4.0 Continuous Improvement * Participates in the Quality Improvement Roadmap activity- as assigned * Leads or participates in working group as required per customers, production or quality manager * Contributes to installing preventive actions to avoid internal and customer issues. * Actively support the plant training using the AE University modules. * Actively lead and support LL and DFQ process * Support QRCM process in the plant 5.0  People Management * Manages the day to day activities of the quality technicians * Ensure that the Training path for Quality Technicians is applied. * Maintain the Quality Mindset.

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