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DYWIZJA Clean Energy Systems


  • The Program Manager is accountable for the achievement of project targets and objectives (quality, profitability, timing and risks) that he/she defined and were validated by the management.

  • He/she manages the core team and leads the projects in accordance with internal rules and principles to achieve targets with a permanent focus on cash control while ensuring reliability, safety, compliance to norms, regulations and procedures of the product/system and to ergonomic rules.

  • He/she ensures liaison between Development team, Customer and Plant, while ensuring internal (Plant) and external (OEM) Customer satisfaction.



  • Manages the project during development until it is closed.

  • Leads the core team on a collaborative mode and works in synergy with all members to achieve project objectives.

  • Coordinates good information flow between project team and plant(s).

  • Establishes budget and manages development, tooling and other expenses of project within budget objectives and optimizing cash.

  • Controls the developments costs and billable hours.

  • Sets project planning, anticipates deviations, risks and takes corrective actions.

  • Coordinates product and process design to achieve target costs and meet profitability and cash-in/cash-out targets.

  • Ensures that technical/process choices are made in accordance with quality targets and unchangeables by checking that all quality assessments (FMEA …) are done properly.

  • Interfaces with the customer on all project issues, ensures good communication and information flow between the customer project team (including production sites) and the Auto Inergy project team (including production sites).

  • Prepares and presents projects to gate reviews (and in any other program/project review as necessary).

  • Monitors the project after start of production and manages the productivity with effect on product/process.

  • Support sales and business development activities.

  • Must successfully complete all POAI required training.

  • Must comply with all work rules, policies and procedures.

  • Must comply with all safety rules and regulations.

  • Support and follow the POAI quality system. 



  • Core Team scoring

  • Gate reviews passed on time

  • Respect of customer milestones

  • Achievement of quality and profitability targets

  • Customer contribution and cash

  • Control and reporting of risks and opportunities

  • Customer and Plant satisfaction

  • Safety / ergonomics

  • New business booked

  • Internal audit scoring 


  • Customer platform / program / project team

  • All core team and extended team members

  • Customer Centers

  • Function Managers

  • Plant Manager(s) and their representative(s)

  • VP region / country Director

  • Suppliers

  • Corporate Program Office / Controlling

  • Finance & Legal support functions



Personal Background

  • Master of Engineering or Master of Business

  • 3 years as Automotive / Engineering / Electronics Experience

  • Experience working on projects in a matrix organization.

Skills & Abilities

  • Fluent in English – business level

  • MS Office proficient (Excel & PowerPoint)

  • Autonomous

  • Rigorous

  • Well organized


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