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Welcome New Employees

Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Division held our 2nd Quarterly New Employee Orientation Meeting on Friday, October 30, 2015 in Troy, MI, USA.  The morning began with  our President & CEO for The Americas, John Dunn welcoming 20 new employees and 3 engineering co-op students to our company. During the meeting the employees were given a company overview and a department presentation by a member of the leadership team or designated manager.  This was a great opportunity for the new employees to learn more about the company, network with each other, and meet the Troy Leadership Team.


WELCOME new employees to Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Division in Troy: Colleen Leka, Taimoor Ahmed, Jane Wang, Danielle Lee, Daisy Cao, Romulo Erbano, Yijiu Jiang, Bryan Hickson, Ahmed Islam, Charbel Nahed, Thomas Davis, Reverson Santos, Jonny Su, Diogo Andreis, Sara Suchodolski, Emily Krupp, Evan Belleville, Garrett Wilson, Mitoun Guiry, Carmen Juarez, Farooq Chishti, (Sammy El-Saleh and Paul Jueckstock not pictured).