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Automation Engineer



 MANAGER TITLE (solid line)


Automation and robotic  group leader



In one or two sentences, outline the primary purpose(s) of this position within the organization

  • The Automation Engineer is responsible of machinery development of the assigned programs.
  • He/she participates all the phase of project development as automation expert.
  • He/she contributes to remain the leadership position of fuel system industry by innovation.
  • He/she has to follow company safety procedure and always wear required PPE during work in company.

Responsibilities & Activities

Outline the key areas of responsibility for this position, including the related activities and eventual authorities


  • He/she have authority to stop machines in case of immediate risk.
  • Consciously accept safety training, actively participate in safety activities and comply with safety regulations;
  • Report unsafe status and behaviors in time, and actively participate in safety improvement.
  • Must comply with all safety rules and regulations.
  • Must comply with all safety rules and regulations.
  • During the project quotation phase, support industrial engineer for the costing of finishing machine, propose the finishing machine conception.
  • Support the machinery project engineer on machine design review.
  • Support the Industrial Engineer for DFM&A and PFMEA.
  • Pilot new or upgrade machine automation development , no automation critical issues during machine development phase.
  • According to the requirement of plant, ensure the technical support for productivity, quality and process problem for mass production.
  • Formalize and integrate the know-how and the experience to KM, Lessons learned and MDCS.
  • Innovate, realize and ensure the reliability for new machine conception.
  • With synthetically knowledge to define the procedure of the machine project management, sharing experience, training and continue improve our standard.
  • Participate in the creation and implementation of new training module and POAI standard if necessary. And best practice shared with region.
  • Working on the quality improvement on project.
  • Participate in the analysis of quality and safety issue.
  • Must successfully complete all POAI required training.
  • Must comply with all work rules, policies and procedures.
  • Support for new technical implement; ex: PES, EOL test,  and digital manufacturing if necessary;
  • Other things assigned by line manager.


Integrated Management System (IMS)

Outline the key responsibilities for this position in regards of Integrated Management System (Quality, Safety, Environment)

Within his/her scope of responsibility, he/she respects the standards and rules in terms of Quality, Safety and Environment contributing to the IMS process management and improvement.




POSITION KEY INTERFACES (internal and/or external)


  • Industrial team
  • Plant
  • Other technical center for POAI Worldwide
  • Project Manager


  • Equipment & service supplier (Domestic and oversea supplier)



Fill in with back-up position titles only. Back-up should be indicated for positions in charge of customer orders treatment, supplier on-time delivery, quality, production capacity, shared loading (multi-part station), lead time, inventory level, preventive maintenance, and calibration are the ones to be provided with a back-up.

  • xxxx


Indicate the Key Indicators used to measure the performance of the position and the financial metrics on which the role has got a direct or indirect impact (budget, sales, …)

  • FC development hours within budget;
  • LTA/WLTA=0, 0 safety accident, TSV within target, machine conformity audit no block points from safety after new project SOP;
  • All new machine INERGO simulation done and score no more than 4;
  • MD road map and standardization;
  • Follow corporate standard and support new technical implement;
  • Industrial CAPEX within budget linked with MDA team;
  • New project GR/QPR review no red or block points from machine development;








Personal Background

  • Bachelor major in Mechanical Design or Automatism & Electrical.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience for PLC programming or mechanical design.


Job Technical skills

  • Mastery of good automatic, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic knowledge.
  • Basic knowledge of metal material (Ex: aluminum, steel, bronze…), manufacturing, treatment.
  • Basic knowledge of plastic material machining and welding process control.
  • Mastery of SIEMENS PLC programming.
  • Mastery of HMI IN-TOUCH programming.
  • Know well for programming of database management.
  • Basic knowledge of CAD software (Solid works (preferred) or INVENTOR, Auto cad).


Job Soft skills

  • Fluent English level, French is preferred.
  • Good communication skill with internal & external interface.
  • Strong trouble shooting skill.


To define the Soft Skills required for the job, please refer to PO General Competencies available on Topnet.



Manager name & title:


Jian YE  Machine Design Manager ASIA


HR Manager name & title:


Limin LIU   HR Manger WUHAN



Date:  26-Sep-2021

Wuhan, China

Job Requisition ID:  348481