Component Design Engineer DC/DC (W/M) - Wels (AT)

Plastic Omnium ( is a key worldwide player within the connected and sustainable mobility.

With an international footprint of 150 plants and 43 R&D centers, Plastic Omnium relies on its 37.000 employees to meet the challenges of clean and smart mobility.

Hydrogen FCEVs (Fuel Cell Electrical Vehicle) is a major new source of growth.

Innovation-driven since its creation, Plastic Omnium is now paving the way for the zero-carbon vehicles and is confident that hydrogen will play a key role in the clean mobility of the future. Since 2015, the company has been investing in hydrogen technologies with the ambition of being a leading player across the whole hydrogen value chain.

In order to reach the objectives in a new but fast growing and technology evolving market, Plastic Omnium has set up a dedicated Division “New Energies division” focusing on Hydrogen Storage, Fuel Cell Stack and Integrated Hydrogen Systems.




In the frame of Fuel Cell systems,

  • Ensure PO Fuel Cell DCDC components meet systems requirements
  • Guarantee Quality, Cost and Timing of her/his deliverables and actively participate to any risk mitigation during critical period of projects
  • Participates cross functionally with SW & Validation teams (incl. labs measurement) and other departments involved in a transversal manner (Purchasing, Quality, Validation and Calibration)
  • Lead the benchmark of potential supplier and screening of technology for HW Power Electronic devices like DCDC Converter in aggressive environment (fluid/gas/pressure)
  • Plan and realize the engineering activities, in order to develop and integrate/validate the Controller in the system
  • Ensure PO Fuel Cell DCDC components meet systems requirements.
  • Develop and deliver the Expertise related to HW Power Electronic of Mechatronics System into the Company for the Customers projects.
  • Support launch for new product lines (Controller and/or BMS component level) in accordance with the innovation roadmap (including POC methodology)
  • Lead Suppliers product development performance
  • Ensure HW Power Electronic products lines transfer from Research to Development with smooth methodology and tools transfer




Lead the benchmark of potential supplier and screening of technology for fuel cell applications

  • Identify, prioritize the HW Power Electronic technology to screen for electrical power conversion with the best efficiency in accordance with PO and OEM requirements
  • Integrates best in class automotive technology for HW Power Electronic (EMC, Cyber Security, GaN or SiC electronics for example)
  • Identify potential suppliers
  • Analyze patent and literature
  • Contribute to partnership with university/research labs
  • Manage the budget associated for benchmarking


Plan and realize the engineering activities to develop and integrate/validate the HW Power Electronic in the system

  • Functional analysis,
  • Specification of the HW Power Electronics and its validation,
  • BOM cost optimization for the whole perimeter (HW & SW)
  • Design validation, (PO and supplier one)
  • Process validation (PO and supplier one)
  • HW Power Electronic integration validation test definition,
  • Risk management,
  • Life cycle analysis,
  • Write lessons learn


Ensure PO New Energies HW Power Electronic components meet systems requirements

  • Develop Components Technical Specifications for HW Power Electronic components (for both innovation and development)
  • Ensure full traceability between PO New Energies system design and HW Power Electronic components requirements.
  • Analyze all testing results CVP & DV/PV (from suppliers and internal testing at component and system level) to check the HW Power Electronic component’s performance is at expected level in the system
  • Ensure that development tools are up to date in his team and control their application
  • Ensure that Power Electronic component design is compliant with industrial requirements for prototype & Mass production assembly in Plant.


Launch new product lines (HW Power Electronic component level) in accordance with the innovation roadmap (POC methodology)

  • Ensure bottom up innovation by supporting and sponsoring ideas from his team
  • Promote and report results of the ongoing POCs in accordance with the innovation roadmap
  • Enhance the level of partnerships within and outside of PO,
  • With the support of purchasing develop partnerships with key suppliers to maximize synergie


Lead suppliers product development performance

  • Support WW Core-Teams with training and explanation about performance, Innovative solutions and key competitive advantages of PO CES HW Power Electronic (including SW)
  • Clarify PO Intellectual property to his manager
  • Support RFI/RFQ for any related HW Power Electronic needs and HW Power Electronic BOM price optimization
  • Provide technical support on Steering committee with HW Power Electronic key suppliers in order to ensure project is performing well.
  • Answer questions from internal customers related to HW Power Electronic performance issues
  • Develop partnerships with HW Power Electronic key suppliers to maximize synergies





Personal Background

  • Master or PhD in Mechatronics and /or Power electronics for actuator, sensor and diagnose technology with 2 years of experience, in the automotive industry preferably
  • Other academic backgrounds leading to mastering several of the above specific skills
  • English (fluent)


Job Technical skills

  • Knowledge in Control laws, Power Electronics Control Units and/o On-board diagnostics development
  • Knowledge of Actuators and Sensors technologies and pricing
  • Knowledge of Power Electronics Basics
  • Knowledge in plastic and metallic materials
  • Knowledge in Electronic industrial processes
  • Knowledge of measurements techniques (physics and metrology)
  • Knowledge on EMC
  • Knowledge of SPC and productive containment methods (firewall)
  • Knowledge of problem solving techniques (PDCA, Shainin, FTA, DMAIC,…)


Job Soft skills

  • Good interpersonal relationships, strong organizational skills, efficiency management & communication
  • High level of initiative


As a responsible company, Plastic Omnium pays particular attention to diversity and equality within its teams and the Group commits to treat all job applications equally

Date:  25-May-2023

Wels, AT

Job Requisition ID:  369150