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Store Officer



  1. Co-ordinate in providing inbound and outbound logistics in line with delivery, service, quality and cost objectives.
  2. Supports raw material and components procurement.
  3. Organize outbound logistics and coordinates inbound logistics in order to achieve service quality at the lowest cost and in safe condition.
  4. Ensures on time SAP updation.
  5. Performs manpower shift planning, allocation of works to line feeders and supervise the operation.
  6. Ensures On Time Delivery to customer with right documentation (eg: Barcode invoice, PDS updation etc).




Primary Responsibilities

Responsibility 1

  • Ensuring quantitative customer requirement are delivered on time. Provides communication to Suppliers to receive the parts on right time to ensure targeted inventory levels of raw materials, components, WIP & FG are maintained with real time SAP updation.


  • LOTO compliance in plant if found any deviation correct it and communicate to Safety officer


      Authority to stop shipment when any abnormality observed.


HSE- additional Roles, responsibility and authority

  1. Responsible for monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations.
  2. Correct unsafe acts or conditions through the regular line of authority.
  3. Exercise emergency authority to prevent or stop unsafe acts when immediate action is required.
  4. Investigate accidents that have occurred within incident areas.
  5. Ensure preparation and implementation of Safety and Health Plan
  6. Inspects the site to ensure it is a hazard-free environment.
  7. Promotes safe practices at the job site.
  8. Enforces EHS guidelines are adequately implemented
  9. Verifies that all tools and equipment are adequate and safe for use.
  10. Advise and instruct on various EHS topics (aspect impact, HIRA).
  11. Ensure/organize EHS training of employees and executives.




Date:  24-Sep-2021

Hansalpur, India

Job Requisition ID:  348995