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Plant Representative

Date: Sep 25, 2021

Location: Gyeongju, Korea (the Republic of)

Company: Plastic Omnium



Plant Rep', by delegation of the Plant Manager, is committed to achieve all production targets defined during the project

  • . Manages, directs and coordinates overall plant operations for the project
  • . Produces according to customer requirements
  • . Ensures that production objectives are achieved at the budgeted cost and within the quality requirements
  • . Assures appropriate project team information and support
  • . Takes over leadership on process and logistics from the Industrial Engineer at time defined in RASIC
  • . Ensures reliability, safety, compliance to norms and regulations of product/system and to ergonomic rules
  • . Organizes relation between main plant(s) and related SILS operations




  • Industrial:

           -Defines lay-out and gets approval from corporate industrialization function
           -Builds CAPEX forecast for capacitary equipment and gets approval from corporate industrialization function
           -Secures budget and availability of capacitary equipment for the project
           -Approves CAPEX for specific tooling
           -Justifies deviations from standards

  • Participates in long-term plant expansion, conversion and equipment planning, under the leadership of the Industrial VP
  • Leads implementation of industrial best practices in the plant(s)
  • Reviews all recommendations for special machinery and works closely with engineering departments on design and changes of product/process
  • Establishes and carries out preventive and corrective maintenance actions