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Quality Assurance Engineer

CONTRACT TYPELong Term-At will
DIVISION Clean Energy Systems


The Quality Engineer ensures the quality of product in the blow molding/FC/Assembly manufacturing process by representing effectively procedures defined in the quality system. He/she develops adequate controls to ensure product quality




  1. Ensure that 100% of the tanks meet safety and quality requirements确保工作100%符合安全和质量要求
  2. Handle customer concerns and provide corrective action responses处理客户问题并回复报告
  3. Satisfy the Customer(s)保证客户满意
  4. Reduce the Quality cost (scrap,…) 降低质量成本(报废等)
  5. Make sure that all internal procedures are in place and respected 确保所有内部流程存在并被遵守
  6. Track process capabilities and scrap in order to provide information to management for improvement 跟踪过程能力和报废数据,提供信息供管理层改善
  7. Support continuous improvement 支持持续改善
  8. Must successfully complete all required training。完成所有要求的培训
  9. Prepare the data and good/bad part for daily quality meeting, and follow up the corrective action for all 8D.
  10. Other duties as assigned.其他分配的任务
  11. Stop production and delivery in case of specific quality issue根据发现的质量问题,在必要时叫停生产和交付



Personal Background个人背景

  1. Minimum 2 years’ quality experience in Automotive Industrial Company
  2. 至少2年汽车行业质量工作经验


Skills & Abilities个人技能

  1. Quality Background 质量背景
  2. Excellent knowledge of the product and the process 良好的产品和过程知识
  3. Knowledge of plastic (properties and applications) 塑料产品知识(性能和应用)
  4. ISO / IATF16949
  5. Excellent communication skills (customer, production, maintenance) 良好的沟通技巧(客户,生产,维修)
  6. Korean speaking is a plus 会韩语优先
  7. Ability to work in a fast paced 能适应快速的工作节奏
  8. Ability and availability to work unusual hours 能满足弹性工作时间
  9. Must be able to work in a team environment 团队合作
  10. Bachelor degree 学士学位


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