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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems

Do you want challenges? Join the automotive revolution in a group that puts innovation at the heart of its strategy.

With 33,000 employees in 31 countries and a turnover of 8 billion euros in 2017, Plastic Omnium is the world leader in intelligent automotive exterior systems, clean energy systems and complex modules.

The Clean Energy Systems Division is the world leader in energy storage systems. It employs 7,500 people in 36 industrial sites.

Our ambition? Provide automotive manufacturers with advanced equipment and solutions to develop the clean and connected car of tomorrow

Besides the fuel systems, Clean Energy Systems is one of the main suppliers of depollution systems.  Research programs as well as development programs specific to new vehicles move forward to answer as quickly as possible the new requests of the market, in the core business of the Division (Fuel systems and Depollution), but also in new energy solutions.- hydrogen storage and fuel cells

The Research Center of Plastic Omnium located in Brussels is fully dedicated to innovations in those three lines of products, including a system engineering team in charge of the following activities: 
-    System context definition (Stakeholder requirement, External Functional Analysis, Preliminary architecture etc.),
-    Functional definition package (System function specification, design and test plan)
-    Technical definition package (Detailed functional and physical architecture and associated requirements and test plan)
Objective of the internship 
To support the system engineering team with their methodology across the application at Plastic Omnium projects and their associated complexity, the company has developed a Model Based System Engineering paradigm. The foundation of this approach is a UML/SysML based language supported by an open source tool suite called PRESTO (Eclipse based platform including Papyrus UML/SysML editor, GIT source control and branching workflow, EMF compare and merge, GENDOC publication engine etc.)
The internship’s purpose is to contribute to the development of the system engineering activity. The intern will have the opportunity to learn the methodology developed by participating in a research project where he will have to create, review and remove existing elements of the SysML model. Once he has reached a good knowledge of the model structure and elements he will be able to develop scripts that will help automate the activity of producing and removing programmatically model elements using a specific Java API tool to refactor the UML model file. The scripts will enable the implementation and verification of modelling rules, thus will allow detecting unwanted model structures using OCL (Object Constraint Language) and their correction. Lastly, the intern will be part of the methodology review team that consolidates the feedback from the system engineering developers and proposes improvements of the company’s system engineering methodology. 
Tasks and deliverables of the internship
The goal of the internship is:
•    Understanding the  main concepts based on the open-source documentation and community (UMPL API and OCL)
•    To demonstrate them in the ecosystem of the Plastic Omnium tools
•    To write guidelines, starter kit and documentation material
•    To organize and lead training sessions to activate new skills in the developer community
The main deliverables will be a set of Eclipse plug-ins that include the new modeling rules, their implementation in a new validation tool and a model refactoring tool dedicated to error detection and correction. 
Preparing a master in engineering in computer science 
Know-how - prerequisites 
Software development (Java or other)
UML/SysML is an asset
Fluent in English, High level of initiative, good communication skills
Requirement: EU citizenship



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