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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems

Job description

The main mission of this assignment will be to focus on internal productivity and continuous improvement. As part of the Technical department,  we expect the VIE to participate on the following projects:

  • Prepare our plant to 2023: New Generation of electro-cars, through internal flows optimization, packaging standardization, layout reshuffling, parts’ distribution re-organization…
  • Focus on Ergonomics: Analyzing working environments and propose technical solutions to improve our current standards (Jigs handling, Trans stockers, Spare parts packing,…)
  • Internal processes optimization (masking cancellation, parts rework, parts transportation in assembly process…)
  • Energy & consumable costs tracking

All topics will be prepared within a 4.0 compatibility mindset.



You are a highly motivated young graduate from a recognized engineering school and have experience in Plant Engineering or in Manufacturing. As part of your studies, you have already undertaken an international curriculum and have good intercultural skills.

You have an interest for lean flows and processes, automation possibilities, interface between humans and machines.

You are a team player, a self-learner and have demonstrated some leadership.

You are open minded and with a serious desire to learn, as well as a clear willingness to embark on an international career.

Your English is fluent and any Slavic language (e.g. Polish) would be a plus.


24 months, beginning in January 2020.


Lozorno (Bratislava area), Slovakia.

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