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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems

Do you want challenges? Join the automotive revolution in a group that puts innovation at the heart of its strategy.


With 33,000 employees in 31 countries and a turnover of 8 billion euros in 2017, Plastic Omnium is the world leader in its two businesses: automotive and environment.


Plastic Omnium Clean Energy Systems is the world leader in energy storage systems. It employs 7,500 people in 36 industrial sites.


Our ambition? Provide automotive manufacturers with advanced equipment and solutions to develop the clean and connected car of tomorrow.


Objective of the internship


The internship will be focused on two major activities:

  • The ATOS Compact Scan use optimization;
  • The measuring devices inventory management.


Tasks and deliverables of the internship



The ATOS Compact Scan is a 3D scanner used to digitalize physical parts on computers, in order to realize metrology controls. The system works with two cameras, which makes it possible to capture volumes.

Nevertheless, the system has some difficulties to visualize white, reflective or transparent parts. As a result, it sometimes is necessary to use white powder in spray cans (digitizing spray), requiring a part cleaning operation. This is a major reason why Plastic Omnium is looking for alternatives to the usual scanning spray. One of them is the Cyclododecane.

The mission consists in:

  • Studying the impact of the Cyclododecane (and any other alternatives to be proposed by the trainee) on thermoplastic materials (such as PE or PA), metallic parts and fibered materials;
  • Analysing the differences between the measurement of powdered parts with digitizing spray versus powdered parts with Cyclododecane;
  • Creating measuring protocols depending on the kind of product that have to be scanned (size, material, shape, etc.);
  • Updating the template that is used to formalize the Quality Reports


The final expected deliverables are:

  1. A report with conclusions, focussing on the relevant alternatives to the usual scanning spray (advantages, constraints, conditions, precision, etc.);
  2. An instruction formalizing the measuring protocols;
  3. An updated template for the Quality Reports.



Measuring devices shall be calibrated on a regular basis (usually once a year). This is compulsory, especially when Plastic Omnium has to present certified results after tests or validation plans.

Usually, an external partner performs the calibration campaigns.

In order to prepare the 2020 and 2021 calibration campaigns (pricing and timing), all instruments from all laboratories shall be recorded in a database. Roughly, we are talking about a thousand instruments of all kind (callipers, sensors, benches, etc.).

The mission consists in:

  • Updating the database (device, identification number, calibration date, etc.). Several instruments must be removed from the inventory (broken, lost, etc.), some others shall be added (new instruments, unknown or forgotten devices, etc.).
  • Referencing every single device with a unique identification number, to be reported in the database;
  • Studying the eventuality to take in charge (totally or partially) the calibration campaigns in the future, by analyzing the necessary investments (CAPEX, OPEX, training, etc.).
  • Reviewing the Instruments Registering Procedure.

The final expected deliverables are:

  1. A complete database, fully updated and easily maintainable;
  2. A new codification for every tools and instruments of the Research Center;
  3. An evaluation of the costs in the eventuality Plastic Omnium decides to internalize the calibrations campaigns.



Master in engineering, knowledge in metrology is preferred.

Good redacting skills.

Familiar with CAD software.


Know-how - prerequisites


  • French as mother tongue (or fluent);
  • C1 English level is a minimum for daily technical conversations, mail exchanges and submission of various internal documentation;
  • Transversal management (team work and curiosity as soft skills);
  • Meticulousness and conscientiousness.


  • gwendolyne.orchard@plasticomnium.com
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