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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems


  • Missions: Is responsible for all purchasing activities related to the program (excluding CAPEX). Is responsible for the Q, C, T of suppliers free sourced his project. Is responsible with the lead buyer for sourcing activity. Is responsible for the purchasing budget (hours & money) allocated for the project. Is in charge to manage closed purchase order for his project and to follow payment schedule. Is responsible for the non event launch related to supplier.
  • KPI and/or main deliverables: Gap to target, PPAP on time, tier2 readiness, project hours management (status & forecast), contribution to cash in/cash out, work packages OPTIMAP




Is in charge of following activities.


Sourcing process:

In the respect of the purchasing policy, he/she establishes the supplier short list for the project with the lead buyers.

Gathers all key information for complex RFQ and identifies the market constraints, the targets, the time schedule for each activity.

Negotiates according to the quality, cost and deadline project’s targets.

Proposes and compares alternative solutions.

Addresses the sourcing recommendation to the Sourcing Board.

He/she writes the contracts and implements them.


Ordering and payment :

Manages purchase request and purchase order related to his project.

Follows payment schedule to suppliers.


Coordination & tracking:

Identifies the project’s risks and opportunities, to plan each activity, to coordinate them internally & externally and to track them up to final realization.

In case of critical topic related to supplier and QCT, leads associate task force, and escalates to commodity team and management.


Supplier quality & non event launch:

Supports Supplier engineer on major road block.

Attends PO launch readiness and track purchasing deep red points.

Implements Tier 2 readiness process with objective of non event launch related to suppliers.

Organises project transfer to the commodity buyer.


Project Management :

Defines initial Statement of Work of purchasing perimeter including extended team, regarding project perimeter, development budget (hours, hourly rate, travel cost), split of activity between SPM and extended team and Optimap Work Packages

Leads functionally the extended team activity for his /her project.

Prepares project status (RPM document) for his manager who attends milestones reviews.

Is in charge to follow critical topics identified during RPM or milestones review.

Follows purchasing OPTIMAP procedures. He updates KEOPS.


Budget management:

Validates at the beginning of the project provisional budget (hours and cost) is in accordance to initial project perimeter and project objectives.

Proposes adjustments and modifications link to perimeter evolution during project life time

Insures the follow up of hour’s budget of project and alerts in case of gap


Continuous Improvements:

Participates to continuous improvements for job, organisations and methodology.

Participates to capitalisation and to productivity actions.

At the end of the project, participates to the closure of project and gives feed back regarding best practise and difficulties.


Competences requirements:

Bachelor of Engineering or Science or Business School with purchasing speciality

Technical Skills :

  • Purchasing knowledge
  • Technical negotiations
  • Companies & commercial laws
  • Project management
  • Finance & cash management
  • Logistics (consignment, VMI incoterms)
  • Crisis Management
  • English fluent
  • Good ability for communication
  • Leadership
  • Team playing
  • Customer oriented
  • Rigor & result oriented
  • Multi task abilities
  • Flexibility and stress resistance
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