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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems

Adopt Continuous Improvement Leader Standardized Work and fulfill CIP expectations

· Deploy and maintain Focused Improvement (DIV.O5.OP.08), with follow-up and completion of

actions, according to Plant Project A3.

· Conduct and lead improvement activity within plant by applying POMS methodology, and deploy

POMS Operational Standards.

· Co-ordinate, capture and transfer improvements using Applied Kaizen DIV.O5.FO.03

· Implement Lean projects and workshops that produce an improvement of the plant IPIs or any other

indicators of interest for the company.

· Coordinate and support technical assessments (Injection, Paint, Maintenance) within the plant and

follow up the action plan has been deployed and completed

· Train and develop Plant management team in the formulation and execution of lean


· Participate actively in CIP networks and attend annual CIP convention.

· Communicate and deploy Applied Kaizen and Best Practice within the plant. Reporting progress and

results to Divisional CIP Team.

· Conduct IPI reporting at Plant level, reporting to Plant Committee and Divisional CIP Manager

· Maintain and submit monthly report on plant performance and activity

· Assigned responsibility for reporting Business Unit CI performance and activity, by attending the weekly

CIP Network conference call/meeting (nominated by Divisional CIP Manager)

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