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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems



  • Support production to improve product quality, optimize the process flow and parameter to improve production efficiency
  • Attend the new program development of phase 4,5,6 and industrialization preparation.
  • Attend blowing trial, take part in defining and validating the blowing process parameter to get the blowing tank shell confirmed with product specification, and a stable production process




  • Participate the analysis of 8D, quality and safety.
  • Support production/maintenance team to analyze the complex problem on the machine and assure the machine work in normal situation.
  • Support production/maintenance team to repair mould.
  • Improve mould change over process to reduce the changeover time and quality risk.
  • Attend to build up the contingency planning for BMM/raw material feeding system/electric power abnormal situation.
  • Application of Pokayoke and SPC(Weight, thickness)
  • Optimization of process flow and parameter.
  • Prepare the machine improvement specification and technical communication with supplier.
  • Contact with the supplier to order the new machines and continue to improve it.
  • Attend the production team training about working instruction, technical specification and machine turning.
  • Transfer the new project from IE
  • Contact with the supplier to order the new machines and continue to improve it



  • University graduated
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience for mechanical design or mould design or blowing technology
  • Good English level (speaking, listening, reading and writing: fluent)
  • Bachelor major in Mechanical Design or mold design
  • Mastery of mechanical design
  • Mastery of CAD software( UG or CATIA, AutoCAD)
  • Good material Knowledge
  • Good knowledge for mould design, manufacturing and treatment
  • Basic knowledge for heating transfer
  • Mastery of blowing or injection technology and process
  • Good knowledge for the plastic material
  • Mastery of pneumatic and hydraulic Knowledge
  • Good automatic, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic knowledge
  • Good knowledge of LOTO
  • Competence for formalizing and transferring the know-how
  • Competence for analyzing, solving the problem and building the action plan
  • Work actively, can withstand pressure, strong team cooperation ability
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must be able to work in a team environment




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