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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems
  • The position is responsible for the supplier performance activity during Programs and ensures that Q, C, D, P targets are reached for each project
  • Manages the SPMs who are under his/her authority
  • Is responsible for the purchasing budget (hours & money) allocated for the project.
  • Initiates the improvement plan of the Purchasing Department
  • Reports to the Purchasing Department for all activities of the department and communicates on performances achieved
    • Gap to target,
    • PPAP on time,
    • tier2 readiness,
    • project hours management (status & forecast),
    • contribution to cash in/cash out,
    • work packages OPTIMAP
  • Is in charge of planning team’s activities, according to the skill /project load matching.
  • Leads the continuous improvement of the budgetary reference tables, establishes the annual hours budgets of the Department, and reports on budget monitoring.
  • Draws up an annual progress plan for the metiers performance improvement under his/her responsibility.
  • Estimates or ensures that the evaluation of performance of his/her teams and the training plan are effectively achieved.
  • Ensures quality of milestones reporting and represents Purchasing Department during the milestones and Deep Red Points meetings.
  • Shows managerial skills, rigor, ability to summarise
  • Is motivated by the continuous improvement and standardization of supports &processes
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