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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems

Compagny Description

Independent, innovative, and a global industrial partner, Plastic Omnium holds a strong position as world leader in two businesses:

  • AUTOMOBILE — exterior and structural equipment; fuel and emission control systems,
  • ENVIRONMENT — products, maintenance and services for waste data management and urban development.

With over 32,000 employees, 132 factories and 22 R&D centers in 30 countries, Plastic Omnium is an independent French company, listed on the Paris stock exchange, with 2015 revenues of €6 billion.


The Auto Inergy Division is the world’s leading manufacturer of blow-molded polyethylene fuel systems. Combining integrated safety and emissions-control, fuel systems must serve a number of functions: refueling, storage, ventilation, engine supply and fuel level gauge systems. Metal fuel tanks still account for 23% of the global market, offering substantial growth potential for the replacement of metal with plastic, particularly for safety and weight reason.


The Auto Inergy Division has more than 6,500 employees at 35 industrial sites in 19 countries, and in 2015 provided 19 million fuel systems for the main automobile manufacturers.



You will join Mechatronic department through calibration and controlled system validation team which is in charge of the tuning of Dosing Control Unit (DCU) to meat system performances.

SCR system heating is key parameter to achieve system readiness in cold condition and to meet new regulation.

Several parameters impact heating performance and need to be tested. This increases test duration and costs drastically.

The activity of the internship will consist of building a synthesis of the papers related to the design of experiment methods and to develop method and tool for our SCR systems in a second step.


The aim of the internship is to define method and tool in order to reduce engineering duration.

The intern will analyse state of the art, propose orientations, validate them based on test results and validate new method and tool which will improve robustness and reduce engineering duration.

The intern will:

  • Synthesis of papers related to design of experiment : 1 months
  • Definition of model for heating tests and validation: 3 months
  • Build the tool and method which will support team in heating calibration: 2 months



  • Master in engineering
  • Matlab/Simulink
  • CANApe, INCA
  • Java, C#
  • Fluent in English
  • High level of initiative, good communication skills
  • MS Office


Duration and period

Duration: 6 months

Contact / Localisation

Compiègne – α-Alphatech Technical Center

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