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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems


  • Missions
  • Lead the paint development achieving expected quality level (vs OEM’s specs) at committed cost (paint consumption, paint scrap, # parts per mast…)
  • Coordinate a cross-functional team (plant, paint setting, laboratory, supplier, customer…)
  • Ensure that paint process (product/process) is stable in terms of quality
  • Follow-up the development and ensure the conformity of specific painting means (jigs, masking station…) 
  • KPI and/or main deliverables
  • OPTIMAP work packages
  • MCI (Manufacturing Convergence Indicator)
  • PPE documents (keops)
  • Paint’In & PPCM




0/  Safety

  • Respect and follow safety rules (Plants, business trip, Personal protective Equipment)

1 / Customer Project Development.

  • Take part to “Quad” meeting and push application of Design to paint methodology
  • Use and Follow development guide (opticolor & paint ‘in )
  • Answer to project requests and define at the beginning of the project Paint Zoning commitment
  • Manage technical relationships with paint raw material suppliers (paint product validation through Paint ‘In, samples for first runs….)
  • Take part to purchasing development chart drafting
  • Assist the MPM for paint validation
  • Follow up jigs development from CAD design to final acceptance on site (including prototype phase)
  • Validate paint range / process / customer specifications (mechanical & aspect )
  • Propose and coordinate specific means realization (jigs, masking).
  • Propose coordinate path programming development.
  • Plan, organize and assist to initial samples realization.
  • Take part to  run@rate (process validation)and report performance level and/or necessaries improvements
  • Coordinate the global quality of painted product.
  • Fill the “plant process information” data. 
  • Propose to the plant continuous improvement plan.
  • Capitalize & compare / initial quotation.

2 / Productivity – Optimization (paint)

  • Manage / take part to productivity projects (on plant request)
  • Validate proposed solutions (specification & process hardiness)
  • Capitalize validated actions


Competences requirements

  • Knowledge / Qualification
  • Bachelor with experience or Master degree
  • Previous Experience
  • 5 years in paint field or chemistry or process in automotive industry
  • Have already participated in project organization


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