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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems Division



  • Represents PO Clean Energy Systems at Customer (only one voice) and is the point of entry to the customer
  • Develops profitable business and increases market share
  • Defines target pricing and negotiates price level for competitive and profitable offers
  • Manages all price communication to the customer
  • Manages cash-in for all customer invoices (prototypes, specific investments …)
  • Tracks selling price and material margin evolution by part number
  • Ensures reliability, safety, compliance to norms and regulations of product/system and to ergonomic rules.




  • Develops teamwork on a collaborative mode and works in synergy with all project team members to achieve project objectives
  • Drives the RFQ process
  • Prepares and submits quotations on time to customer
  • Ensures reception of all contractual documents applicable to customer project
  • Validates with legal department PO’s contractual obligations as per initial offer
  • Reviews with corporate legal function, all contractual and warranty obligations with the customer, suppliers and third parties
  • Circulates customer information to project team members and production plant(s)
  • Coordinates project information with regional sales manager(s)
  • Guarantees consistency of commercial approach with other projects of same customer
  • Leads customer price negotiations and revisions during development and production phases (lifetime includes orders for replacement parts)
  • Monitors price revisions, consistent invoicing and payments
  • Proposes and negotiates productivity plans with customer
  • Gives input to manager of CC for the business plan and budget process
  • Contributes to maintain or better improve project overall profitability
  • Contributes to continuous improvement of material margin and optimizes cash
  • Proposes cost savings
  • Participates to project gate reviews with project manager
  • Contributes to project risks identification and action plans implementation
  • Issues regular reporting and re-forecasting (typically monthly) of project profitability (material margin) and of the customer contribution to tooling and development costs (cash)
  • Relays innovative concepts, applicable to project and customer
  • Records sales project history file and shares experience within PO


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