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Employee testimonials


Executive Assistant and Benefits Analyst (Anderson, USA)

Q: Is it true you were one of the first Plastic Omnium employees in the U.S.?

A: I joined Plastic Omnium Industries in Anderson in 1997 as the Human Resources Representative/Office Manager
of the Fuel Systems Division and assistant to the plant director. At the time, there were about sixty of us, including
the operators. It really was the beginning of Plastic Omnium in the U.S. Today, the two automotive plants in Anderson employ over 800 people!


Q: What’s your career path been like since then?

A: I moved to  the Auto Exterior Division as an executive assistant in 2008. In 2011, I was also given the responsibility of being a benefits analyst. Basically, I oversee the employee benefit packages offered to American employees– including retirement, health insurance, leave, etc. –and evaluate possible changes.


Q: How has that worked out for you?

A: I’m very adaptable and I enjoy working with people, so this position is a very good fit for me. Also, I know all of the employees well, which makes my job much easier.