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A world innovative leader

Plastic Omnium has grown to become the world leader in automotive components and body modules, automotive fuel systems, and waste container solutions, serving and supplying local authorities and companies throughout the world.

A remarkable growth
In the past ten years, the company has tripled its volume, showing sustained growth regardless of a difficult global economic period. Currently Plastic Omnium has 33,000 employees, 127 plants, and 24 R&D centers in 31 countries throughout the world.

This leadership position is not an accident or a matter of luck, but the result of consistent innovation, strategic investment, and an unshakeable commitment to its stakeholders – including its employees. In recent years, Plastic Omnium has continued to flourish by increasing its international focus and expanding into rapidly growing markets in China, India, Russia and Latin America.


2 main activities, 3 businesses : automotive supplier and local collectivities services

PO_auto_exteriorAuto Exterior Division

A first-tier automotive equipment manufacturer, the Auto Exterior division designs and supplies bodywork modules and multi-material and customized global solutions for the world’s automobile manufacturers.





PO auto inergy 2Auto Inergy Division

A first-tier automotive equipment manufacturer, the Auto Inergy Division designs and supplies fuel systems and fluid management systems for pollution reduction.






The Environment divisionEnvironment Division

World leader in containerization and waste management, the Environment Division provides global and made-to-measure solutions for local authorities (products, services, data management systems) for facilitating the sorting and processing of waste and improving the quality of life of citizens.