In compliance with legal and Plastic Omnium rules and policies, lead a team to ensure the quality and timely delivery of products to meet customer and company expectations and targets. Work to optimize assets through continuous improvement, while promoting health, safety, environmental issues and worker morale. Includes all jobs related to the production of goods (parts and sub-parts), manufacturing processes, and production efficiency.

Entry-level position

Team Leader
The Team Leader manages his/her team in order to deliver products or services to customers in accordance with safety, quality, cost and time requirements. He/she enforces team discipline (including adherence to safety protocols, customer focus, and best practices) and develops competencies among team members. In case of deviance, the Team Leader contributes to root cause analysis and institutes corrective actions. He/she promotes communication within the team and with other teams to further company objectives and policies.

Senior position

Production/Technical Manager
The Production/Technical Manager leads his/her production unit to deliver products to customers in accordance with safety, quality, cost and time requirements and in line with the performance objectives of the plant. He/she monitors production performance through relevant KPIs and works to optimize manufacturing processes and tools to improve productivity and quality. The Production/Technical Manager is also responsible for the department budget and for developing the team in accordance with department and project objectives.