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Jürgen Bobinger

Group Leader Program Management - Munich, Germany

Q.: Can you tell us one achievement in Plastic Omnium that you are proud of?

I work as a Group Leader Program Manager in Munich since October 2015 and my biggest success at PO was the digital launch of one of our projects with BMW! Be part of a multi-field team, feeling the focused work in all the steps of the project, even under pressure, was a really impressive and grateful experience.

Q.: Did you have an international experience?

Plastic Omnium offered me the amazing opportunity to travel to China and USA for different projects and this is the best experience ever to grow, learn and develop new ways of thinking. I’m always looking for new challenging projects so this may continue in Mexico this year.

Q.: If you should describe Plastic Omnium in 3 words, what would they be ?

Diversity, network, confidence.