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Environment, Health & Safety

Implement the company’s Environmental, Health & Safety strategy, which is developed by the Group Executive Committee, to ensure the security of employees, goods and the environment.

Entry-level position

Environment Health & Safety Engineer
The EHS Engineer supports the deployment of EHS rules and methods in accordance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and implements all EHS-related tasks in coordination with the company’s legal department. The EHS Engineer works to achieve EHS targets and participates in the implementation of EHS best practices, procedures, tools and methods.

Senior position

Environment Health & Safety Manager
The EHS Manager performs EHS audits in the plant and is responsible for seeing that Key Performance Indicators (energy consumption, chemical management, etc.) are properly reported. The manager is further responsible for analyzing anomalies and proposing and implementing corrective actions. Additional duties include maintaining the EHS management system and leading specialized projects, as required.