Employee testimonials

Denise CUNHA

Purchasing Manager (Taubate, BRAZIL)

Q: What are your responsibilities at POAE’s Brazilian headquarters?

A: As the Purchasing Manager, I’m responsible for finding the best suppliers, at the best prices, with the shortest lead times for raw material, paint, component and plastic parts supplies for the South American plants. This means coordinating, with my team, the selection of suppliers from around the world and negotiating the best possible terms, contributing to improve Plastic Omniums competitivess and  in the market.

Q: That sounds pretty daunting.

A: It can be, but maintaining competitiveness and improving our results year after year is crucial for the health of our Brazilian and Argentinian sites. This means being able to deal with pressure! But it is very gratifying to see the results achieved.

Q: Do your duties extend beyond dealing with suppliers?

A: That’s the primary focus. But I’m also very involved to assure success of new launches, supplier quality,  defining purchasing policy and I contribute to the company’s investment strategies. Basically I’m dedicated to doing whatever I can to keep the company thriving.