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Christophe KOST

Engineering Center Director (Anting, CHINA)

Q: How long have you been with Plastic Omnium?

A: I started as a test technician in Langres, France in 1992. After that I had a number of positions as an injection and tooling specialist, both in the UK and France, including
managing the overall injection-tooling activity at Σ-Sigmatech. In 2007, I became head of Σ-Sigmatech’s Engineering Center and, since 2011, I’ve managed the YFPO Engineering Center in China.

Q: What does this latest position entail?

A: There are two main activities. The first relates to product design and process
development and engineering, including injection, tooling and assembly, which involves 220 employees. The second consists of supervising the 80 Program Managers.

Q: What are your main goals?

A: Our priority is that 100% of mass-production launches are successful – 26 in 2013 and 37 in 2014 – while ensuring the economic performance of the projects.
It’s also important to keep our young engineers motivated, so that we organize weekend team-building events, which help maintain a good spirit and contribute to group