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Managing Director (Pune, INDIA)

Q: Although you joined POAE India at the start of 2013, your connection to Plastic Omnium goes back further.

A: Yes. After training as an engineer, I spent 22 years in financial management, marketing and international operations in India. In 2007, as the Director of Business Development for Varroc, I spearheaded a joint venture  with PO that gave rise to the Indian business at Pune. When Plastic Omnium gained control of the subsidiary in 2012, I took charge of PO Auto Exterior India as its Managing Director.

Q: What are your primary responsibilities?

A: I’m tasked with defining long-term growth strategy for India, which involves finding and developing opportunities with both existing and new accounts through local and global relationships.

Q: Are there any special challenges in integrating the PO Way with the Indian market?

A: The automotive market in India is a small world where your reputation as a change leader is well accepted. I rely on these mutually respectful relationships and our experience of turnaround to move forward.