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CONTRACT TYPELong Term-At will
DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems




  • Responsible for all manufacturing process including injection, paint, assembly, bonding and process flow methods  and equipment
  • Deployment of POMS methodology and best practice
  • Provides engineering support to the manufacturing teams and to the OPTIPRO project team for the launch of the new equipment in the plant and the realization of the manufacturing readiness
  • Provides engineering support to the manufacturing teams to improve and optimize injection and/or paint process
  • TF1, TF2, RFT, CNQ, Process scrap and OEE.




For new projects he will:

  • Manage capacity and anticipate need for equipment modification and capacity adjustments
  • Work with the industrial project team (Injection leader or paint leader) and in relation to equipment supplier managing day to day equipment installation follow up
  • Investigate project feasibility
  • Initiate and publish FMEA’s includes improvement follow-up
  • Ensure equipment meets technical and performance specifications
  • Create and Evaluate the safety and environmental risk assessments linked to the implementation of new installations, including the impact on human resources
  • Organize and coordinate new equipment and processes trials in the plant
  • Participate in commissioning activities, provisional and final acceptance
  • Participate in reception of manufacturing means/equipment/process
  • Validate injection, paint, assembly, bonding and process flow operating standards and procedures in accordance with POMS and process Golden Rules
  • In cooperation with industrial teams, participate in new manufacturing production means, specifications and reception in the plant
  • Keep and update new equipment documentation
  • In cooperation with maintenance and production teams, write contractor safety programs and risk prevention plans
  • Write all workstation instructions in cooperation with manufacturing teams
  • Update new product documentation.


For existing processes provided, he will:

  • Propose, test and validate technical solutions to improve manufacturing performance performance (productivity, quality, safety, availability, safety, risk )
  • Participate in action plans to restore regular process and follow daily follow up
  • Give production team assistance and training
  • Analyze process failures root cause analysis using (POMS A3) (temperature, speed, hygrometry, ventilation…/ speed, pressure, MFI …) and adjust process settings
  • Share all experience with  structured feedback to métiers and project team members
  • Supports manufacturing for process failure analysis
  • Organize and coordinate new materials and processes tests in the plant.
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