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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems


Drive and promote continuous improvement standards and methodologies to achieve Manufacturing Excellence by improving industrial performance.  Promote Continuous Improvement mindset throughout plant.  Support technical assessments to achieve business goals.  Focused Improvement Roadmap Score (DIV.OP.ME.908.FO.14) & according action plan.  Plant IPI capture, report and analysis & according action plan, including submission of Plant CI Focus Report (DIV.O5.FO.30).  Plant POSITIVE Scorecard (Focused Improvement Rating).  Capture & report plant productivity results with Applied Kaizen (DIV.O5.ME.23.FO.03) and/or Best Practices).  CNQ reduction  Productivity improvement (positive impact on P&L).



Adopt Continuous Improvement Leader Standardized Work (DIV.O5.OP.10.WI.03) and fulfill CIP expectations.  Deploy and maintain Focused Improvement (DIV.O5.ME.908), with follow-up and completion of actions, according to Plant Project A3 (DIV.O5.OP.06.FO.05) and Project Plan (DIV.O5.OP.06.FO.13).  Conduct and lead improvement activity within plant by applying POMS & POSITIVE methodology, and deploy POMS Operational Standards.  Co-ordinate, capture and transfer improvements using Applied Kaizen (DIV.O5.ME.23.FO.03) and/or Best Practices.  Communicate and deploy external Applied Kaizen and/or Best Practices (as applicable) within the plant, reporting progress and results to Divisional CIP Team.  Implement Lean projects and workshops that produce an improvement of the plant IPIs or any other indicators of interest for the company.  Coordinate and support technical assessments (Injection, Paint, Maintenance) within the plant and follow up the action plan has been deployed and completed.

Train and develop Plant Management team in the formulation and execution of lean projects/workshops.  Participate actively in networks (CIP and others) and attend annual CIP Convention.  Use the CIP web-based applications to coordinate and send/receive information: SAP BW IPI Portal, QlikView IPI Dashboard, QlikView POSITIVE Dashboard, Topshare CIP Network, Topshare POMS Portal, Docshare and others.  Conducts IPI capture, report and analysis at Plant level, reporting to Plant Management Committee and CIP Manager.  Maintain and submit monthly report on plant performance and activity, using Plant CI Focus Report (DIV.O5.FO.30).  Assigned responsibility for reporting Business Unit CI performance and activity, by attending CIP Network conference calls/meetings (as defined by CIP Manager).

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