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Industrial Engineer - Testing Expert W-M

CONTRACT TYPELong Term-At will
DIVISION Clean Energy Systems


In one or two sentences, outline the primary purpose(s) of this position within the organization


Lead the Process Innovation activities in the field of Testing, and support PO CES regions/plants regarding Water Leaktest, Helium Leaktest, High Pressure testing, and EOL Electronics testing expertise, by knowledge training, standards sharing and validation of new proposals, oriented to both Projects Industrialization and Process Improvements


Primary Responsibilities

Outline the key areas of responsibility for this position, including all related activities under each area


  • Lead the development of new Testing modes for High Pressure technologies
  • Lead the development of new Testing modes which permit to evolve current HLT/WLT/EOL practices
  • Validate the local solutions proposed by Regions/Plants, confirming if they can become global practices
  • Participate in validation of new Testing equipments, before sourcing to vendors is decided
  • Establish an improvement plan for existing equipments, via upgrades and retrofits, with payback
  • Coordinate between regions the Internal Benchmarking routines which permit improving process performance
  • Develop expertise by internal investigations and external benchmarking
  • Provide training and support to regions and plants, when requested, and proactively when risks detected
  • Act as master expert in the domains, preparing the future regional experts and plant specialists in the field
  • Build the necessary training documents and modules to permit knowledge sharing
  • Lead Synergy teams related with Testing, and the financial indicators/targets associated to them
  • Ensure close communication with plants and projects teams



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