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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems

Project description
The goal of this project is to detect the presence of a water based liquid in a vertically mounted stainless steel tank. The tank is heated to evaporate the liquid in the tank and the tank output is the vapor. A valve is controlling the flow of the vapor and keeps the tank pressurized. The liquid is fed from the bottom of the tank using a pump. There should be a minimum volume of the liquid in the tank to maintain a constant supply of vapor. This is the reason why a sensor is needed to detect the presence of the liquid in the tank at a certain level.
Invasive level sensing techniques such as using a float are strictly prohibited for this project. Therefore the sensor has to detect the presence of the liquid from outside of the tank. One solution is to detect the presence of the liquid based on ultrasound waves.

Responsibilities of the Internship Trainee
The internship student will be guided and trained by the responsible Component Design Engineer in order to perform the following tasks:
 Run experiments, tests and evaluate different
o Piezoelectric transducers.
o Electronic circuits to stimulate the piezoelectric transducers to generate ultrasound waves.
o Electronic circuits to detect the ultrasound waves using piezoelectric transducers
o Integration topologies for the acoustic coupling of the send/receive piezoelectric transducers.
 Perform experiments and collect information regarding to the performance of different sensor configuration and topology.
 Write test process and reports.

Location and the Duration of the Internship
The internship will be done in the Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Division which is located in Brussel. Minimum duration is 6 weeks and can extend to 6 months and more.

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