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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems



  • Implement data analytics in order to improve efficiency and productivity of PO Intelligent Exterior Systems core process: plastic injection, painting and assembly technology (bonding, welding, clipping, screwing…)
  • Develop methods to be implemented in the organization for Predictive Quality and Predictive Maintenance






On his/her perimeter of responsibility:



  • Implement data analytics for  PO –IES core process to improve process efficiency & productivity
  • Understand PO-IES core process: plastic injection, painting and assembly
  • Assess & define data needed with Process Experts to achieve the productivity & efficiency goals
  • Ensure delivery or right data to database by Data Collection Engineer : quality parameter outputs and process parameter inputs
  • Extract relevant features & indicators from raw data (high frequency signals, geometry measures, images…)
  • Reconciliate & contextualize data on relevant parameters (Unique ID, timeline…)
  • Apply relevant analytic methods with appropriate tools & algorithm (SPC, Multivariate SPC, probalistic approach, machine learning, AI…)
  • Analyse results with plants & experts in order to make relevant recommendation
  • Build predictive model & apply close loop control when possible
  • Teach process engineers in central department and plants basis of data analytics to


  • Develop methods, organization & tools for predictive quality & predictive maintenance :
  • Define the right methodology for data analytics on manufacturing process
  • Benchmark different tools & platform to achieve relevant analytics
  • Implement tools & methodology in the plants & departments
  • Measure progress & results to improve


  • Ensure adhesion of future plant teams & departments to the technologies implemented by identifying the skills and competence needed and elaborating the proper training modules







Educational background: Master’s degree in Automation, Data Science, Engineering, or Manufacturing

Proficient in English language


Skills: Data analytics in industry experience, Team player and project management skills

New technologies & digitalization affinity

Result, productivity, continuous improvement & lean manufacturing oriented

Capacity to explain and teach on Data Acquisition topics


Previous Experience: in data analytics applied to production

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