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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems Division


To manage the industrialisation of development projects including supplier and customer liaison, considering physical and information flows, managing the installation of associated equipment (assembly, packaging etc), managing specialists and experts from several activities connected to his/her scope of responsibility and managing the allocated budget by project (hours and travel costs).


Main AccountabilitiesThis position is responsible for delivering the following:


  1. Defines the industrial scheme to produce parts in several project phases. This takes into account production process (paint, assembly), packaging means, the information system and parts flow
  2. Participation in the choice of sequencing location and supply chain organization for the project
  3. Industrialization phase in the production plant and sequencing centre
  4. Managing additional project aspects suc as cycle time, number of operators, investments, supply chain costs (transport, sequencing) etc
  5. Accountable for the use of Plastic Omnium Manufacturing standards and application of Quality system procedures
  6. Ensures the coordination of specialists and experts within the extended team

      7.  Manages manufacturing project review, reporting and action plans

      8.  Manages the project perimeter including development budget (hours, hourly rate, travel cost) and project planning tools

     9. Determines at the beginning of the project provisional budget (hours and cost)




Excellent Communication skills

Project management experience

Budget management experience

Continuous Improvement experience


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