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Process Engineer





 MANAGER TITLE (solid line)




Engineering Manager








Optimize all manufacturing process including molding, assembly and process flow methods  and equipment




Primary Responsibilities



Apply Engineering Fundamentals

  • Employ principles, use knowledge and integrate concepts of one or more areas of engineering into the design of or improvement of a project, project component or product and to solve engineering problems.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to a project or product based on knowledge of one or more areas of engineering.



  • Gather information needed to fully understand the problem to be solved and form the basis for the evaluation of design alternatives.
  • Contribute to the development of alternatives by analyzing the pros and cons of alternative design options, preparing those design options, and assisting in the selection of an optimized design alternative.
  • Analyze the constructability or manufacturing feasibility of a project or product.
  • Design a basic facility, structure, system, product, or process to meet well-defined requirements.
  • Apply lessons learned from other design projects.
  • Maintain knowledge of current types of systems, equipment, information technology, and specifications that accomplish specific design objectives.
  • Consider human factors and ergonomics for employees creating products and for users of those products.



  • Identify and prioritize the technical, environmental, economic, regulatory, and other requirements of a manufacturing project.
  • Gather and analyze information to plan the manufacturing process of a product or structure.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of some alternative manufacturing processes and participates in the selection of the optimum approach.


Operations and Maintenance

  • Identify, during the planning and design of a system or works, the likely operation and maintenance requirements
  • Develop standard operating procedures and methods for the safe and reliable operation and maintenance of engineered systems and works.
  • Develop standards for maintenance that provide the greatest reliability of engineered systems and works given the scarce and limited resources that are available.
  • Gather and analyze information to enable the cost-effective allocation of resources that are available for maintenance to provide the highest levels of safety and reliability of engineered systems and works.
  • Identify and organize training necessary for technicians, supervisors, and workers so the organization has the capacity to effectively operate and maintain engineered systems and works.
  • Create and maintain the policies and procedures for the planning, organization, supervision, and management of the maintenance and operation of engineered systems and works.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of alternative operation and maintenance methods and select one.



  • Development of company processes
  • On the job training for machine, equipment and process updates


Other Requirements:

  • Authority and responsibility to stop production when a quality or safety issue arises
  • Work requires walking, talking, seeing, hearing, sitting, climbing, bending, stooping, grasping, crouching,

pushing, balancing, reaching, kneeling, and standing

  • Must be able to lift up to 50lbs on a regular basis
  • Must be able to reach above shoulder
  • Environment requires working under high and low temperatures at certain times


Other duties as assigned




POSITION KEY INTERFACES (internal and/or external)


  • Maintenance / Process Technician
  • Process Technician Leader
  • Site Program Manager / EHS Specialist
  • Production Operators
  • Quality Team
  • Materials Manager
  • MRO Scheduler / Site Buyer
  • Project Team


  • Nissan Security
  • Supplier Vendors
    • VES and CTS (Helium Leak Tester)
    • BDF (Assembly Machines)
    • Kautex (Blow Mold Machine)
    • Solgam (PMC Machine)
    • GVS (VCT Machine)
    • Siemens Technical Support
    • Lublim (Finishing Centers)
    • Keyence ( Machine Vision Scanners)



Personal Background

  • Bachelor's degree in mechatronics engineering or related field
  • 3 years manufacturing experience Preferred
  • Plastics or Automotive manufacturing Preferred


Job Technical skills

  • Process Flow
  • Machine Optimization
  • Material and resource management
  • Operator training
  • Project lifecycle
  • Project management tools and techniques
  • Manufacturing processes.
  • Automated and fast-tracked manufacturing methods.
  • Lean manufacturing.


Job Soft skills

  • Creative thinking and Problem solving
  • Detail orientation
  • Manual dexterity
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with others
  • Scheduling and Coordinating
  • Checking, Examining and Recording
  • Personal Health and Safety




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